It is the mission of Massage Therapy Associates to provide each of our clients a tailor made massage for their unique needs, each and every visit. Our therapists view each patient as an extension of our family, and take very seriously the trust placed in us. All medical and personal information is protected, even those confidences shared while on our tables.

Cathleen "Cat" Simcox


As a licensed massage therapist, Cat has been aiding in the general wellness of her clients since 2006. In addition to her State Medical License and Massage Diploma she holds an Associates Degree in Applied Science of Massage. This additional two years of college has given her extensive experience in different massage theories like Neuromuscular, Ortho-Bionomy, Myofascial release and Triggerpoint therapy. 

*Cat is not accepting new
clients at this time.

Ashlee AlLison


Ashlee truly loves working one on one with people, helping them to feel better. After graduating from the massage program in 2012, she worked in a spa setting and quickly established a thriving, client-friendly practice.

Ashlee’s focus is on Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Release, Swedish Massage, and Relaxation Technique. While working with deep tissue, she believes in applying pressure slowly, thus minimizing discomfort and allowing the body to relax completely.  Treatments range from specific work on chronic areas and injuries to full-body muscle, tension, and stress reduction.

Ashlee believes that the combination of nutrition, exercise, and soft tissue release, through massage therapy, are integral aspects for the maintenance of optimal health and balance to the body and mind.

Julie Maldonado


Julie became a massage therapist after working on family members for most of her life. She just has the gift of knowing what to do to help relieve pain and dysfunction. Julie is known for her caring touch with pressure that is always just right. She easily adjusts her massage to accommodate everyone’s individual preference, Firm when necessary, softer when it’s requested. 

Dena DeLuco

CHt, CHtT, B.Msc, NLP Prac.

Expand the field of potential in sacred partnership with your Soul… your Highest Self. From beautifully appointed wisdom circles, thoughtfully designed programs, and one-on-one mentoring, Dena offers diverse pathways to support all of your Nexts (next direction, next step, next leap). Whether listening to a meditation, enrolling in a self-study program or entering into a private mentoring partnership with Dena, your path will be fueled by your personal principles, desires and vision.

Alison Cline


Alison Cline is a licensed professional clinical counselor with 15 years of experience in the mental health field. She has an approach that focuses on building a meaningful therapeutic relationship between the counselor and client. The idea is that you will hopefully leave each session feeling heard and validated… and hopefully challenged just a little. Alison understands that counseling can be an emotionally uncomfortable experience no matter how much we want help, so she handles each case with compassion and understanding. Please know that each counselor is different and their unique personality will come through in sessions. Alison is no different. Her quirky, friendly, and casual approach is a good fit for many people who enjoy a more laid back “vibe” to their counseling.